Principal's Message



I am delighted and overwhelmed to welcome you all to the family of K.V. Dappar.  It is called family because each member of staff work for a common purpose ie, for the all-round development of the students, one of its stakeholders.  The entire staff of this Vidyalaya is committed to bring laurels to the Vidyalaya in whichever field they come. It is believed that shaping a child’s destiny today will shape the country tomorrow.  Our goal has always been the personality enrichment of a child through scholastic and co-scholastic activities.


We believe that school not only provides platform and infrastructure for education, but also develop character building.  The Vidyalaya family always looks forward to its VMC and KVS Regional Office for their constant support and guidance, who are constantly working for the bond and the relation among the stakeholders of the institution ie, students, teachers and parents.


“Give a man a fish, he will survive for a day,

Teach him to fish, he will survive for his life”.