Student Achievers

2014-15 :-

Achievements in Social Science exhibition

AT CLUSTER LEVEL:- Got 1st position in   skit,  2nd position(Master Abhishek Dubey) in Hindi debate(against the mothion), Project  on “Plastic the new enemy of Environment” got selected, 02 charts related to temples of Tamilnadu and Wooden art of Indonesia  have been selected, 01 album on Indonesia got selected.

AT REGIONAL LEVEL:- Skit got 2nd position


2. Achievements in Jawaharlal Nehru Science Exhibition

06-Models sent for participation at KV-1, Adampur on 11.12.2014 at regional level  out of which  01-Model selected on the theme- Engergy(Intelli Railways & Highways) by Abhishek Dubey(Class-XI-A) for KVS National Science Exhibition to be held in April, 2015 in Jammu Region


3.  Achievement in Children’s Science Congress


06 project on Energy were sent to KV, Jakhoo(Shimla)in 2013-14

 Achievements in games and sports in Regional, National and in SGFI level

Regional Level:- 02 students participated in Regional KVS National Meet (Himanshu in 100 mtr Race) and won Gold (Amritesh 5 KM Walk) and won Gold.

National Level:-02 students participated in KVS National Meet (Himanshu 6thposition in 100 mtr Race and 5th position in Relay Race), (Amritesh 9th position in 5 KM Walk).


 S. No.

Name of the activity










 Rajya Puraskar, 


Tritya Sopan,Dwitya Sopan,



Pratham Sopan, Pravesh,

Divisional Rally 

 03 Rajya Puraskar,


04 Tritya Sopan, 04 Dwitya Sopan         



 15 Pratham Sopan,15 Pravesh,

03 Divisional Rally 



 Rajya Puraskar,

 Tritya Sopan, Dwitya Sopan,

 Pratham Sopan, Pravesh,

 03 Rajya Puraskar,

 04 Tritya Sopan, 04 Dwitya Sopan          15 Pratham Sopan,  15 Pravesh


  Rally conducted on 20.10.14 in the FAD, Dappar residential areafor various causes (i) to Raisefunds to help J&K Flood victim (ii) Road Safty Awarness (iii) Awarness to celebrate Anti Crackers, Noise less, Pollution free Diwali. (iv) to promote Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.








 School Level

School level Teacher’s workshop, Role Plays, display Board counseling Case Studies and Boys representatives, Problem Box arranged